The right of public access

Foto: Johan Hammar

Foto: Johan Hammar

The freedom to be out in the countryside is a freedom with responsibility. The right to roam freely in the countryside without requiring permission is a privilege not found in every country. The right of public access demands respect and care towards nature, animals, land-owners and other people out in the countryside.

You may walk, cycle, ride and skate as long as you do not harm crops, forest plantations and other sensitive land. The Skåneleden Trail is a walking trail, not a cycling or horse riding trail. The Trail is based on agreements with landowners in relation to walkers. Horse riding and cycling are therefore not recommended along the Skåneleden Trail when it follows natural footpaths in the countryside.

Bear in mind that the Right of Public Access to the Countryside is limited in national parks and nature reserves.

Remember this when you are out in the countryside:
•    Do not walk, cycle or ride on private plots.
•    Respect animal and bird life.
•    Close all gates when passing through pasture land.
•    You must respect the privacy of the home and you may not set foot on private plots.
•    You may bathe anywhere except on private plots or where it is forbidden by some public authority.
•    Leave animals' lairs and young alone.
•    Do not litter. Take your rubbish home with you.
•    Do not light fires if there is the slightest risk due to dry conditions.

Remember the golden rule: Do not disturb - do not destroy.