Numbering of the Skåneleden Trail

Foto: Kenneth Joelsson

Foto: Kenneth Joelsson

With numbers and the abbreviation SL, it should be easier to present the five separate Trails both on the website, maps and in future on the markers along the Trail network. The numbering also makes it easier for visitors from abroad.

There are occasions when the names of the five Trails are difficult to communicate, not least to an international audience. Each separate Trail has now been given a number and is called either "Skåneleden Trail" or the abbreviation "SL".

For example Kust till kustleden can thus be written as "Skåneleden Trail 1: Kust till kustleden", the somewhat shorter "SL1: Kust-kust" or even shorter "SL1" depending upon where the name is being used. The aim is that the numbering in the future will influence the marking and signs along the Trail network.

You can see the new numbering on our website under Trail.