1000 kilometres of beautiful landscape

The Skåneleden Trail is a long distance footpath through the beautiful countryside of Skåne. The Trail is over 1000 kilometres long and is divided into five separate trails, with total of 89 sections.

Overview map

Map of the Skåneleden Trail

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Your guide to Skåneleden

Downloadn the folder Your guide to Skåneleden for free.

"Your guide to Skåneleden" is a folder full of inspiration for those who are curious about the Skåneleden trail but who wants to know a little more before taking the first step on the trail. The folder includes hiking and packing suggestions, information about The right of Public Access and an overall illustrated map with sights on the trail.

Your guide to Skåneleden Folder

Frequently asked questions

Is there water along the Trail? Why is there no wood at the camp site? And can I horseride or cycle along the Skåneleden Trail? Answers to these and other questions can be found under FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

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